Five Things To Look For In A Professional Chartered Accountant

Author: Darren Bruce, CPA, Professional Corporation | | Categories: Accounting , Bookkeeping , Financial Accountant


While accounting and tax preparation are processes that most people can handle themselves, there are a lot of rules that they need to know in order to complete it correctly. If people do not get through it correctly, they could end up paying a lot more in taxes, fines, penalties and interest.

When it comes to finding a good accountant, there are many out there to get the job done. When it comes to picking them, most people settle for the first one that they find, but other than just getting through the accounting process, there are other changes that they have to get through. 

We put together some of the pointers people should be looking for when getting through the process. These are a few pointers that everyone should be following when they are getting through the process.

1. Understands your business 
We understand businesses and the complexities of operation. As a small business owner myself, I am aware of the very things you are going through. While there are many businesses out there, not all accountants are equipped to work with all of them. While the basics of accounting might be the same, there are a few changes to be handled when working with varying companies that have changing rules about taxation connected to various aspects of the work they do.

2. Will help you with taxes
After getting his CPA designation Darren Bruce spent two years completing the In-depth Tax course through the Institute of CPAs, which is arguably the highest level of tax training in Canada. The more that is saved on taxes, the more closely we become a profit center for your organization.

3. Acts with integrity
It is paramount that an accountant act with integrity to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly. This will minimize CRA scrutiny and unnecessary and costly reviews. You should be able to trust the person that you are working with, and if there are changes they should be on the same page as you. You do not want them to be doing something shady, which could also cause issues when getting through the process.

4. Is honest
Your accountant must be honest because the Canadian tax system is based primarily on honesty. One of the challenges of working with an accountant is that their issues, mistakes, or anything negative could ruin your brand or image. You want to be comfortable being honest with your accountant and your accountant to be honest with you.

5. Must be patient
Any advisor must be patient. We speak and understand numbers and taxes, this does not mean that you should too. If you don’t understand what we are trying to convey, it is our job to help you until you do. There are a lot of questions that will come up along the way, and you want to make sure that the team you are working with is open to answering them all. You want them to include you in the process as much as you want so they should explain why they are working on specific tasks the way that they are and how they can make changes to assist with the process. 

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